Friday, June 5, 2009

Corky's Garden

When spring first sprung, Corky and I planted flowers in front of our house. We used seeds because I wanted her to see that those tiny little seeds could "grow up" and produce beautiful flowers! So we cleaned out the flower bed together- dug out all the rocks and weeds (she loves to play in the dirt). Then we planted all the seeds and watered them as needed. Soon after, we began to have horrible thunderstorms in our area (mid-south) and we had 19 days of rain in a row!!! We were a little worried about our plantlings (I make up words all the time), but after a few dry days we began to see lots of sprouts! They are coming along slowly, due to the extreme rain, but soon enough they will be flowers! When I was thinking about this post I realized that Corky is growing so fast I can hardly believe my eyes!! Just "yesterday" she was a little seed! Now she is a sprout. Soon she will be a big beautiful flower! I would like it if she could remain a sprout forever!! Well, I better stop before I cry. Here is Corky and Daddy watering the flowers!

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