Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am so thankful today!!! Remember how I don’t like summer all that much? Well, our area has been in a heat advisory for the last week and a half! It’s been in the triple digits for a solid five days now. To top it all off, our AC has been on the fritz and we have had a horrible time convincing our landlord that it needs to be replaced! He thinks its okay to keep your house in the 80s in the dead summer heat! Grant it, 84 degrees feels good compared to 102 outside. But as for me and my house, the 80s stink!! Anyway, I am thankful today because he finally decided to replace it!!! But not until Monday. So in the mean time, we are doing whatever we can to stay cool. I finally had an epiphany and rigged a fan underneath the vent above our refrigerator, in order to blow some cool air into the kitchen (the air is cold, it just isn’t blowing very strong). We will be spending the Saturday and Sunday at my parent’s house to stay cool over the weekend, and then Monday our AC problems will be OVER!! Hopefully! Here is a picture for you to laugh at…

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