Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well, summer is in full swing. Most people love summer, but it is actually my least favorite season! I like it for like a week and then I’m ready for the cool weather. The one great thing about summer is the swimming! I love to take Corky to the local pool- she absolutely loves it! I love to watch her at the pool because she has so much fun! It just makes me happy! Most of the time when we go, she has a blast and it’s great. But today was a different story…
She knew we were going to the pool after her nap, so she refused to go to sleep! I guess she was excited. Anyway, by the time we got to the pool, she was very tired and extremely cranky. To make matters worse, I forgot to bring her Mickey Mouse floaty (or donut, as she likes to call it)! Well, apparently she can not swim without that Mickey Mouse floaty, so my husband walked back home in the 95 degree weather to get it (we had walked to the pool- five blocks). By the time he got back, we had already had a severe meltdown! I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw him approach with that lovely red and blue “donut”! I thought, “Now everything will be okay- no more meltdowns!” Regretfully, that was not so! The remaining two hours that we were there, were a disaster! Sometimes I wonder why I bother to take my two-year-old out in public! I mean, I really didn’t want to go swimming. I would have been content staying inside with the air conditioner! I was doing that for her! Then she repays that act of kindness with tantrums, screaming, and even KICKING!!! My mom says, “She’s two...” That’s her answer to every tantrum (really that is the only answer that makes sense)!! So I wonder… She turns three in four months… will three be any better?! God knows I love her to pieces, but can three PLEASE be better?!
When we returned home, I realized that our house was rather warm. I ignored it, thinking that I was just overheated from dealing with a cranky toddler. By the time I was done cooking dinner, I realized something was wrong with the air conditioner! It was 80 degrees in our house and the thermostat was set on 72. So, I’m guessing that our AC is going out soon… Ahhh, summer!!! Don’t you just love it?!!

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