Friday, December 25, 2009

Fun Fridays: Our First Gingerbread House!

This year Corky was old enough to make her first Gingerbread house! It turned out beautiful* and she was surprisingly cooperative! For those of you who know my daughter, you know that she is extremely independent and stubborn. So I was thrilled when she let me show her what to do. She normally doesn't give you the chance to give any instruction, she just wants to do it herself. So... going into this project, I expected the end result to be something like a pile of gingerbread pieces with huge blobs of frosting and candy pieces scattered everywhere! It was nice to have some toddler cooperation!
* Notice that the chimney is sideways?? Mommy's fault!


She had lots of fun decorating the "gingy" house. This is something we will have to do again next year!


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