Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello again, do you remember me?

So... I took a little break from blogging. Partly because my kid (and me) has been sick. For like a month. No kidding. Really.

Okay, I was only sick for a week or so. But Corky is still sick. We are going on week five of snotty nose acompanied by a fever. And it sucks!

The doctor says it's a virus and we need to let it run its course but it taking FOREVER! In the meantime, I'm giving her lots of Elderberry Syrup.

As a result of our sick break, my house is a wreck-- you should see my laundry pile! But now that I'm on the mend (and hopefully Corky will follow soon) it's time to play catch up.

Here's my to do list:

Lots of laundry
Dishes (Hubby did pretty good keeping up with these)
Clean bathroom
Menu plan
Make sour cream
Make saur kraut
Start my tomato planter (I will blog on this later)

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