Saturday, April 3, 2010

Frugal Find #2: Muir Glen Organic Soup

I LOVE it when I find a really good deal. It's kind of like a drug for me. It makes me so happy. My husband thinks I'm a little crazy because I can get so worked up over a really great frugal find!

"Oh my gosh! Honey, look what I found! Muir Glen canned soup for ONLY A DOLLAR! Can you believe it?!"

And then he rolls his eyes while I literally fill up my cart with more cans of soup than we could eat in a year.

Ahh!! But when I do eat that soup, it will taste ten times better because I will remember-- this can of soup only costed a dollar! And I WILL remember- I'm a freak like that.

Frugal Find #2

Item: Muir Glen Organic canned soup

Place: Dollar Tree

Price: $1.00

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