Saturday, June 27, 2009

How To Save A Roast

Since we spent the weekend at my parent's house, and it was my dad's birthday today, my mom and I decided to grill a pork roast on the outside grill (low and slow so it would be tender). Well, "something" happened and it looked like this:

Actually, the roast isn't in there, but you get the idea- burnt! We were delighted to find that it was very delicious and tender on the inside. so we decided to save it! First, we scraped off the fatty layer, which was really the only burnt part (there was a little burnage on the bottom). Then we placed it in a covered dish with about an inch of water (I've heard of people using watered down apple juice to revive meat but we didn't have any so we used water).

We put it in the oven, very low. when it was done, it was falling apart and delish- so yummy, so yummy (Yo Gabba). This is the half eaten finished product:

Anyhow that is how we saved our roast!

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