Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food Inc.

Have you seen the documentary movie Food Inc.?? I watched it the other day with my mom and husband and boy oh boy, was I SHOCKED!! My husband was already on the "real food" bandwagon, but this just reinforced our decision to eat better and most importantly, know where our food comes from and how it's made! It was so shocking to see how cattle is raised (they are left to stand crowded together, knee deep in cow feces)- it's no wonder we hear of a different ecoli outbreak or beef recall every month! And I'm sure you've noticed how big chicken breasts have become in recent years. I kept saying to my mom, "Look how huge these breasts are, it's unatural! They must be giving the chickens something..." Well, guess what?? THEY ARE! The poultry industry has actually messed with the chickens to make them grow bigger breasts because that is what most people eat! Not to mention, all the growth hormones they are given to make sure they grow into these huge chicken monsters in record time! They also keep the chickens in total darkness twenty four hours a day to make them grow faster! It's disgusting! I live in the mid-south where poultry farming is a huge industry and I didn't know this stuff was going on!

There is much more information in the movie- cloned animals used for food, genetically modified foods (gmo's), ammonia cleansed beef (yes, that's what I said! Watch out for those fast food burgers. In an effort to head off ecoli contamination, they are having their meat "cleaned" with a process that uses ammonia!), and it also spotlights some good farming practices.

So, if you are interested in your own health. Or you have been concerned by the ever-so-present food contamination scares. You should check out Food Inc. It will change what you put in your mouth!!

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